McLEAN’S TOWN , Grand Bahama – The Government of The Bahamas entered into a contract totaling $212,000 with Qualfast Construction Company for the building of  a new Ferry Terminal at McLean’s Town, Grand Bahama.


The contract signing for the construction of the much-needed facility took place at the government dock in McLean’s Town Thursday morning.


Minister of Public Works and Transport the Hon. Neko Grant pointed out that the Government of The Bahamas recently spent thousands of dollars completing the sea wall at the dock in Mcleans Town, and that it intends to further upgrade the dock and beautify the area.


He said Thursday’s signing holds great significance for the community of McLean’s Town as well as for other communities within the immediate vicinity, explaining that the McLean’s Town dock facility provides a vital transportation and communication link to the adjacent Grand Bahama Cays and the settlements of South Abaco.


“For many years, the residents of these communities have often complained about the lack of infrastructure at this site to facilitate their movement.  


“Bearing this in mind, the Government has decided to construct a Ferry Terminal here at the McLean’s Town Dock to meet the needs of these communities,” Mr. Grant stated during the signing ceremony attended by several residents.


He advised that the 1900 sq ft. complex is designed as a multi-purpose public complex that will house a ferry ticket booth and waiting area for passengers, a post office with post office boxes for residents of the immediate settlements, and a police station.


“This new facility will facilitate the provision of a more structured ferry service that affords a greater level of comfort and convenience to its passengers.


“It will also make it possible to deliver improved postal services to residents through the provision of access to post office boxes.  Furthermore, it will enhance the capacity of the Police Department in keeping these communities safe,” Mr. Grant said.




A contract for the construction of a Ferry Terminal at McLean’s Town, Grand Bahama was signed between the Government of The Bahamas and Qualfast Construction Company on Thursday, February 26, 2009.  Pictured left are Mr. Bradley Armbrister, Administrator for East Grand Bahama; Mr. Amos Russell, Qualfast Construction Company; the Hon. Neko Grant, Minister of Public Works and Transport and Mr. Colin Higgs, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Public Works and Transport. (BIS Photo/Vandyke Hepburn)