Last evening (29 January 2009) at approximately 9:55 pm a Cessna C421B twin engine aircraft, registration C6-DXL, crash landed at LPIA just short of the threshold of runway 14. The aircraft had departed from San Andros under the provision of an emergency flight as a result of a two car collision in San Andros.


The aircraft had experienced an engine failure and landed short of the runway and came to a stop on the western side of the runway 014.


There were 11 persons including the pilot on board the aircraft. There were no reported injuries as a result of the aircraft accident. However the ambulance took passengers who were injured as a result of the automobile accident to the hospital for medical attention, while the other passengers were taken for medical observation.


The substantially damaged aircraft was removed from the runway at approximately 0245 hrs this morning and the runway was reopened for traffic at 0815 hrs after a thorough inspection by Nassau Airport Development Company.


Accident investigators from the Flight Standards Inspectorate of the Civil Aviation Department have started an investigation into this accident. The aircraft, engine and propeller manufacturer have been notified of the accident which is normal protocol following an aircraft accident.