Ministry of Agriculture and Marine Resources officials hailed their second Backyard Garden Workshop “a tremendous success.”

Forty-eight persons, surpassing the earlier projected figure by eight, heard from Ministry officials on best gardening practices during sessions at the Gladstone Road Agriculture Centre.

Most participants took the opportunity to purchase a kit for $20 containing pro-mix, nutria-leaf, drip tape, a variety of vegetable seeds, a Persian lime tree and tomato seedlings to begin their garden.

“The prevailing view in the Ministry and among the attendees,” said a spokesman, “is that such a programme once it is sustained, will make a significant contribution toward The Bahamas achieving some semblance of security in foods. As a result there should be a decline in the demand for the importation of foods, especially that which can be produced in The Bahamas.

“The Ministry extends sincere appreciation and thanks to the organizers and facilitators for the excellent job done. Special emphasis is placed on how clearly the content and performance objectives were laid out.

“The creative and outstanding performance of the workshop facilitators, as well as the high level of enthusiasm demonstrated by the participants must also be given special recognition.

“As a result, there is great optimism at the executive level of the Ministry with regard to this potentially award winning programme.”