Bethel Superstore was a part of the International event, this past Saturday, known as FREE COMIC BOOK DAY.

Bethel Superstore, while it is more than a Bookstore, is still committed to encouraging Bahamians to read and be inspired.  Bethel Superstore has supported FREE COMIC BOOK DAY for the past 7 years, because it encourages an alternative and creative form of reading.

Rev. Adrian Bethel, co-owner, expressed that “It was encouraging to see the excitement of those who participated in Free Comic Book Day.”  He was excited because the store opens at 9am but kids there waiting for the store’s opening as early as 8am.

The Superstore welcomed many parents and children who were excited to walk about searching through the stacks of comic books to find those that peaked their interest.  There was a wide variety of comics available, which got some of the more mature patrons reflecting on the days when “Archie” was a must-read.  Rev. Bethel said that “Young children, teens and adults alike were excited to be a part of Free Comic Book Day and to become aware of what comics have to offer to the novice or avid reader.”

While Bethel Superstore has made a shift to providing more than books, and has branched to provide office furniture and supplies, and also has a well-equipped Copy Centre in-store, the Store is still committed to providing avenues to stimulate the mind. 

At the end of day, the one thing that brought the most joy to the heart of Rev. Bethel was to see his own children eager to participate in the event and gratifying to see that reading remains a priority. He was elated that for a moment “they wanted to sit down to read and enjoyed reading without the normal badgering that parents apply.”

Bethel Superstore thanks those parents, teachers and children that participated in Free Comic Book Day, and looks forward to the event next year.