Advertising and Marketing in the Bahamas

Bahamas Distribution and Sales Channels
As Bahamian Government policy prohibits foreign investors from opening retail and wholesale outlets, goods intended for sale to the general public are normally purchased by local wholesalers, several of whom specialize in particular lines. The usual business practice is for wholesalers to make purchases directly from their counterparts in Florida, which is why such a large proportion of third-country products are imported into The Bahamas through the United States. Most wholesalers and some retailers, however, are willing to make direct purchase arrangements.  In some cases, Bahamian retail outlets or wholesalers will enter exclusive distributorship arrangements with foreign firms.

Franchising in the Bahamas
There are a number of American franchises in The Bahamas.  Most franchises are successful because they appeal to both the local community and the four million plus tourists who visit The Bahamas.  Although Bahamian Government policy prohibits American foreign retail chains from opening outlets in The Bahamas, various contractual distributorship and franchise arrangements are possible.

Direct Marketing in the Bahamas
Many Bahamians use credit cards and can order items by mail or telephone for delivery to The Bahamas if the exporter is willing to ship. However, import duties levied on the sales price and freight of small shipments often make such orders economically non-viable, though this trend is changing with companies like GPS Bahamas. Many Bahamians prefer to shop in person in Florida to benefit from their personal exemptions from customs duties.

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