Architects in the Bahamas

Architectural practice is controlled and governed by the Professional Architects Act, 1994.

Architect services in the Bahamas typically include: design and planning; creation of presentation models and renderings for sales use; cost estimation and budgeting; submission of project applications for approval to the local governing agencies (this is where a local firm comes in handy); construction scheduling and management of materials and resources; site supervision; inspection of properties and buildings prior to client purchase.

The Bahamas Building Code is published by the Government of the Bahamas and is obtained by contacting the Government Publications division of the Cabinet Office or by writing to Government Publications, P.O. Box N7147, Nassau, Bahamas. The first Bahamas Building code was introduced in 1971 and was subsequently updated in later years.

Architects in the Bahamas

Charles Moss Architects
The firm Charles J. Moss & Associates architects / Environmental Designers is a multi-discipline firm performing work in all areas of the building industry. Our services include land planning, general architectural services, graphic and signage, interior design, landscape coordination, architectural photography, construction management and real estate brokering and management.