Domestic Investment in the Bahamas

Areas Reserved for Bahamians

The following business areas/sectors have been reserved for Bahamian Nationals only:

  • Wholesale and Retail Operations
  • Commission agencies engaged in the import/ export trade
  • Real estate and domestic property management agencies
  • Domestic newspapers and magazine publications
  • Domestic advertising and public relations firms
  • Nightclubs and restaurants, except specialty, gourmet and ethnic restaurants and restaurants operating in a hotel, resort complex or tourist attraction
  • Security services
  • Domestic distribution of building supplies
  • Construction companies, except for special structures for which international expertise is required
  • Personal cosmetic/beauty establishments
  • Shallow-water scale-fish, crustacea, mollusks and sponge-fishing operations
  • Auto and appliance service operations
  • Public transportation
  • Water sport Activities
  • Bonefish Lodges with 20 rooms or less