A terrible economy.

A public debt that is reaching a tipping point.

Crime seems out of control.

Rising unemployment.

An educational system that is failing our children.

What else?

So the time seems right for a change of government.

It’s a perfect opportunity for the PLP to show the country that they are capable of turning this boat around.

But what do we hear from them?

The ideas offered up to help grow the economy and get government spending and borrowing under control are simply underwhelming. Things like; Stafford Sands picture shouldn’t go on the $10 bill, stopping the deal on the new public/private port and the FNM are doing badly. Or people are hurting and government policy does not empower Bahamians. We even get comments like the Prime Minister is past his time.

Even your not so humble writer can coin cute phrases about government policies and even the politicians themselves, but these times require leadership, not simply moaning.

Mr. Christie and the rest of the PLP troupe need to stand in Parliament and the Senate every time they have the floor and not only criticise the FNM, but offer public policy ideas to show the country they have the capacity to lead it out of this mess.

How about some details on how you will fix education, stop crime, grow the economy, reduce government debt and spending?

The status quo is obviously not the answer but from what I read and hear, I’m not sure the PLP are any more competent, than the FNM.

Shouldn’t they give us a reason to vote for the PLP, rather than against the FNM?