After months of haggling, The Bahamas Goverment has made an agreement to permit Disney to film the two Pirates of the Caribbean movies–Pirates of The Caribbean II, and Pirates of The Caribbean III–on Grand Bahama Island. Filming takes place on Grand Bahama Island between May 2005 and January 2006.

As usual, the engine behind Disney coming here is not the Bahamas government, but a private individual, businessmen Paul Quigley. After running him and his partners through the ringer so many times it is as suprise to all why Mr. Quigley did not quit and start a facility in Austrailia. Thank goodness Mr. Quigley likes the Bahamas.

While applauding themselves, the Bahamas Goverment did have the grace to recognize Mr. Quigley:

“In fact, were it not for his commitment to build a critical water tank in Grand Bahama for this film and other productions, we would not be in this happy situation today. I am told that what Mr. Quigley and his Gold Rock Creek partners have done is likely to lead to a parade of motion picture productions in Grand Bahama, especially those that require use of such a tank, since there are few in existence around the world. So on your behalf, I thank you Mr. Quigley for not giving up on vision.”