Henry Hazlitt was a fantastic economic journalist, and after he died in 1993 a collection of his essays were assembled in a great book entitled Is Politics Insoluble? Download a PDf copy here… from the Foundation for Economic Education.

And most times I read some of the political diatribe from the Official Opposition I remember the following quote from page 118:

“So while we may doubt that a truly “ideal” government will ever be designed, or “scientific” political institutions ever developed, we need not abandon the effort to improve them. But we must be prepared for setbacks and discouragements for as far as we can see.”

Obviously some of the spokespeople for the PLP think we are so gullible we will accept cute slogans as possible ways to fix the myriad of issues the country faces. They act as if they didn’t have a hand in screwing things up in the first place.

Mind you the FNM is sometimes just as bad when they are in Opposition, as are the DNA, the newest version of how to divide and conquer to gain the ultimate prize of political power.

Ever notice how when in Opposition politicians run to any commotion they think will get their picture in the newspaper? Remember the DNA recently stating they would file a writ in Supreme Court on behalf of workers? And I’ll be willing to bet dollars to donuts that the PLP were out mingling with the Customs Officers that were rumoured to be striking last week.

Some politicians seem to think when they are in opposition it’s their role to stir upset, rather than lead and encourage Civil Servants that strike action only hurts the general public so they should go back to work. And they should tell them if they can’t resolve the matter peacefully without hurting other Bahamians it might be in their best interest to seek employment elsewhere.

It’s easy to stir the emotional pot. It’s a different matter to show leadership and encourage people to do the right thing even if it might not serve one’s political advantage.