Bahamas Art, Music & Literature

In 2001, the Bahamian group Baha Men won a Grammy Award in the dance-recording category for their hit “Who Let the Dogs Out.” Feature films using Bahamian locations include Pirates of the Caribbean II & III, The Outsider, Silence of the Lambs, Cocoon I & II, Flipper, Thunderball, Splash, Never Say Never Again, Zeus and Roxanne, Jaws the Revenge and Speed 2. Sidney Poitier (1963 Oscar winner for Best Actor in Lillies of the Field and an Honorary Award in 2002) is Ambassador for the Bahamas to Japan. Poitier was born in Miami, but is of Bahamian parentage and grew up in the Bahamas.


Art Galleries in the Bahamas

Andrew Aitken Frame Art Gallery
This gallery displays a wide selection of Bahamian artists in a variety of styles. Lithographs and prints are the most popular items.

The artwork of Bahamian artists and products of the Caribbean are featured.

Chan Pratt’s Art Gallery
Renowned Bahamian artist Chan Pratt specializes in Bahamian landscapes and old Bahamian homes and also sculpts designs on buildings.

Charlotte’s Gallery
A variety of artists and styles, featuring Bahamian paintings, pottery, prints and creative gifts.

Doongalik Studios
This studio displays artwork and designer products and the exhibits change frequently throughout the year. The arts of Junkanoo are a specialized feature. Its mission is to celebrate Bahamian culture. Items available include original paintings, sculpture, furniture, posters, note cards, postcards and Junkanoo masks.

Kennedy Gallery
The gallery features a wide variety of watercolors, oils, acrylics and pencil drawings including originals and limited edition prints.

Lyford Cay Gallery
A wide selection of oils, watercolors, prints and sculptures by international artists are featured.

Marlborough Antiques
A display of antiques, including furniture, silver, glass, brass, etc. and books and artwork by a selection of Bahamian artists.

Nassau Art Gallery
Features art work and hand painted, limited edition porcelain collector’s plates.

Museums in the Bahamas

The Bahamas Historical Society Museum
This institution traces the history of The Bahamas from pre-Columbus to the present. Some of the displays include an Amerindian-style dugout canoe and various artifacts of the Loyalist era, late 19th century and early 20th century.

Balcony House Museum
An 18th century restored house. The furnishings and design of Balcony House recapture the elegance and glory of a bygone era.This landmark is perhaps the oldest wooden house of its kind in The Bahamas. It was restored to its original state in 1985.

Junkanoo Expo
The museum, the first of its kind in The Bahamas, showcases large, colorful, intricately designed artistic creations from the junkanoo parades held on the early mornings of December 26 and New Year’s Day. A gift shop sells junkanoo souvenirs, including artwork, posters and music.

Museum of Art Ltd.
Includes a permanent art gallery of mainly 18th and 19th century European paintings and more recent paintings and art from the western world. Exhibitions of local and international art, as well as cultural events and local productions, and a souvenir shop of art-related items.

Nassau Public Library and Museum
Built in 1797, this octagonal building was formerly the Nassau Gaol (Old world spelling for “jail”). One can look around the small prison cells which are now lined with books, or examine a collection of historic prints, old colonial documents, or Arawak artifacts.

Pompey Museum of Slavery & Emancipation
The museum was once an auction site for slaves in the 18th century. It now houses the history of slavery and emancipation in The Bahamas in photographs, artifacts and replicas.