Language of the Bahamas

The lingua franca of the Bahamas is English.

Most Bahamian’s speak English quite well, with some “improvements” (depending on your point of view) which tend to be looked upon as errors in other English speaking countries, i.e. “Whay yuh tink use’a goin’? (Translated: Where are you are going?). Very colorful.

There is no official second language in the Bahamas (which is a good thing), though everyone is free to speak whatever language they like (unlike those poor French whose government forces them to speak their language!).

Popular Bahamian Slang

big-eye greedy
biggety brash
boonggy butt
bright light skinned
bubby breasts
buck up to crash a car
conchy joe white Bahamian
crabbie vagina
cut hip to give a beating
doggie penis
duff boiled, fruit-filled dough
gussy-mae fat Bahamian girl
jack friend
jook to stab
sip sip gossip
sweetheart affair