Minister for Public Works and Transport the Hon. Neko Grant signed five public works contracts totaling approximately $650,000.00 for work in the island’s three districts.

Minister Grant emphasized during the signings Thursday that the Government’s “infrastructure crusade continues in Grand Bahama today.”

Contracts were signed for reconstruction of Water Cay dock; repairs to the West End Post Office; installation of a boundary fence and gates at the West End Post Office; repairs to the Ministry of Agriculture’s Produce Exchange Building in Freeport and repairs to the Williams/Russell Town Cemetery Road.

Addressing the media at the Office of The Prime Minister in Freeport, Mr. Grant pointed out that the Water Cay Dock was destroyed some four years ago by Hurricane Frances.

“It is regrettable that the good people of this fine Cay have been inconvenienced for so long; we have come today to bring relief,” he said. “A contract will be signed with Treasure Coast Marine Company Limited in the amount of $146,126.00 for the reconstruction of the Water Cay Dock. The work is expected to be completed 45 days after the commencement.”

Signing on behalf of Treasure Coast Marine was Crystal Lowe, Managing Director, who assured Minister Grant that the work will be completed to the Government and the people’s satisfaction and in a timely manner.

Chief Councilor for East Grand Bahama Lawrence Laing, who was present for the signing, thanked the Minister on behalf of the people of East Grand Bahama, particuarly the people of north Water Cay.

“The people of Water Cay were crying for this for a long time and now they have a Christmas treat,” he stated.

Drawing attention to the West End Post Office, Mr. Grant said, “West End is the capital of Grand Bahama. For West End to be without a Post Office for over two years is unacceptable.”

He then went on to sign a contract in the amount of $124,361.50 with Coastline Builders to complete what he described as “long overdue repairs” to the West End Post Office. The work is schedule to be completed within three months from commencement.

A further contract in the amount of $12,250 was signed with Professional Services to install a boundary fence and gates in order to secure the property.

Chief Councilor for West Grand Bahama Majorie Darville pointed out that West End is a large settlement and needs to have postal services restored. She thanked the Minister and the Government for their efforts in that regard.

Focusing on the Produce Exchange Building in downtown Freeport, the Works Minister said the facility has been in a state of disrepair for sometime now.

He then went onto sign a contract in the amount of $336,680 with Golden Triangle Construction Company for repairs to the facility. Work is scheduled to be completed within ten weeks from date of commencement.

Commenting on that signing, Chief Councilor for the City of Freeport Alvin Smith said, “On behalf of the good citizens of the City of Freeport District, I would really like to say thank you to the Minister and to the Government for seeing that the Produce Exchange is being refurbished.

“We know that it is not just going to be an economic boast, but a beautification boast for the downtown area. The Produce Exchange has been in a state of disrepair for quite some time, and so we just want to thank the Government for seeing that the City of Freeport is beautified just in time for the holidays,” Mr. Smith said.

Mr. Grant also discussed the road heading into the Williams/Russell Town Cemetery.

“The condition of this road has been in a most undesirable state of disrepair for years. In addition to persons visiting the resting place of their loved ones, tourists frequenting this quaint settlement also visit the Monument located to the west of the cemetery,” he pointed out.

Mr. Grant then signed a contract in the amount of $25,000 with Bahamas Dredging and Marine Construction for the repairs of the road. That work is schedule for completion in 30 days.

Congratulating the contractors for being the successful bidders for the projects, Mr. Grant told them the Government expects “on time completion and work of high quality.”