Ministers Neko Grant, Vincent Vanderpool-Wallace and Charles Maynard along with Public Works and Tourism officials toured the Festival Place Welcome Centre at Prince George Dock Wednesday.

The tour was in keeping with the plans by the Government to expand the Festival Place. Plans include the addition of a Junkanoo Museum to address the congestion that presently exists at the Festival Place the conversion of the former Customs Building at Prince George Dock into an Authentic Bahamian Craft Market.

The Market is intended to provide a venue for Bahamians interested in selling indigenous Bahamian foods and craft and also to serve as an informational centre for visitors.

Architects from the Ministry of Works were present to review conceptual drawings for the proposed Authentic Bahamian Market. The Market will provide stalls for several hundred vendors and offer Bahamian products only. The design for the Market is intended to create an “open” environment.

“We are satisfied that with the number of vendors that are producing quality goods we would have no problem filling the market. Those persons from the Straw Market who would wish to sell only authentic Bahamian products will be given the option of moving there,” stated Minister Grant.

“We wish to spend approximately $2 million for the re-development of the Authentic Bahamian Craft Market. Work will begin as soon as plans are finalized, but it is under very active consideration. We have the initial drawings and we are working on the cost factor,” he added.

Minister Grant said the Government seeks to improve the experience of visitors to Festival Place Welcome Centre by allowing them to flow through as conveniently as possible.