In October the Grand Bahama Children’s Home will officially commemorate 25 years of care to abandoned, abused and neglected children of Grand Bahama. In recognition of this historic event the Home’s fundraising committee has commissioned a 25th Anniversary booklet and will also have a fundraising cocktail party at the home.

“We have had such wonderful support over the years and great fun at our luncheons, but a lot of Bahamians have not seen the home they have helped to build,” stated Lady Henrietta. “This year, we want the community to come to the Children’s Home and see what their support has created and helped maintain.”

So on Friday, October 21st Lady Henrietta will open the doors of the home to the public and throw a fundraising cocktail party under a Pirates Adventure theme. With the assistance of Pirates of the Caribbean movie crew and great support from local caterers and businesses the night is expected to be great fun with a special surprise for all!

“It takes a special event to celebrate 25 years of caring for incredible children,” stated Andrea Thompson, Committee Member and this year’s food coordinator. Grand Bahama should get ready to enjoy a lighthearted event with lots of the children’s participation to make it all happen which will include an exclusive show by the Home’s children organised and choreographed by fellow Committee Member Karen Bain Ferguson.

This year’s committee has also been working hard to create a 25th Anniversary booklet to commemorate the many years of service by Lady Henrietta, the present committee, former committee members, administrators, the house parents and supervisors, volunteers, long term donors and of course the kids. “It is our aim to raise over $30,000 with this booklet, with all profits going to the home. This will help pay for basic food needs, toiletries, clothes and other necessities it takes to run our centre daily,” stated Sarah Kirkby, book co-editor along with Lesley Davies-Baptista. “We hope the corporate community will all make an effort to support these beautiful, needy children.”

The commemorative booklet will be released at the Pirates Adventure cocktail party reception in October. While tickets do not go on sale until the end of the month, the committee wanted to advise all Bahamians of the date so that they can mark it on their calendars and make every effort to attend this great night of fun at the Home. “The most important part of the event though is the cause, our beloved children. It is they who we want to support, so we encourage everyone to try and attend,” summarised Mrs Yvette McSweeny, long serving executive member and chairperson of the 25th Anniversary Committee.

For more information about the event or to find out how to be a sponsor in the commemorative booklet, interested persons can contact Sarah Kirkby at Barefoot Marketing (352-4578) or go online to the Home’s website