With their newest development, Heritage, the Grand Bahama Development Company (GB Devco) is proving once again that with foresight and careful planning, Grand Bahama can be at the forefront of change and development for the future of The Bahamas.

Heritage is a 400-acre site located on the north side of Settler’s Way between Sergeant Major Road and Balao Road. When completed, Heritage will be a comprehensive community with everything from single-family homes, townhouses, schools, commercial areas and an array of neighborhood parks.

When planning the Heritage community, executives from GB Devco outlined their development goals to provide attractive and affordable housing to the local Bahamian community; to create a vibrant and well-balanced community; to create a sense of pride of ownership among residents and to create a safe neighborhood. With more than 115 homes built so far, GB Devco is well on their way to accomplishing these goals.

The preservation of natural vegetation was a main concern for developers of Heritage when they embarked on this mission. While clearing the land, Devco was careful to maintain as much of the natural plant life as possible. The 115 homes in the Heritage community are divided into eight ‘sub-neighborhoods’ by way of a 100-foot wide natural vegetation buffer. These environmental preserves are not only visual and physical separators but they are also natural habitats for plant life, animals and birds. There is also a 30-foot natural buffer behind every lot. Overtime, as the community matures, trails and paths will be built providing access to nature and will also provide pedestrian links to and from schools and commercial areas.

Another innovative feature of Heritage involves a new method of power distribution. GB Devco worked closely with the Grand Bahama Power Company on a plan to install the majority of power, cable and telephone lines underground. This eliminates the usual visual clutter created by the developments infrastructure.

Through the development of Heritage, the Grand Bahama Development Company is continuing its mission to make affordable land available for Bahamians. Heritage marks a new era in the approach to development in The Bahamas. This community is a shinning example of what good can be done with a balance of environmental concerns and excellent design. Heritage is a unique community that will enhance the quality of life of those living on Grand Bahama.