FREEPORT, Grand Bahama — At a press conference held at the Bahamian Brewery & Beverage Company Wednesday, December 9th, owner and CEO James “Jimmy” Sands publicly apologized to Bishop Cecil Kemp, who is the owner and builder of the Lighthouse in High Rock, Grand Bahama.  ”When I produced the High Rock (beer) it wasn’t in my wildest dreams that I would cause a ruckus in the community, and I regrettably see that I’ve caused a stir and I truly apologize to Mr. Kemp for putting the lighthouse on the label,” stated Sands to the media. 

With both his attorney and the Minister’s attorney Constance Mac Donald present, the trio explained that they had come to an agreement with the Minister and no compensation had been made to the Bishop.

Attorney Fred Smith noted that the company believed Kemp and McDonald did not have a strong legal argument and they were prepared to defend the matter but his client agreed to change the logo due to his work in the community. “Because we are brewing beer in the community,” said Smith, “it is Mr. Sands’ desire to work with the community.  There are different elements in the community and we really do not wish to cause offense, since it is that not big of a deal for us, and it is a very big deal for Mr. Kemp.  He is part of the community, why cause offence? We don’t want to fight about something that there’s no need to fight about.” 

The lighthouse on the High Rock beers will remain on the product until early next year, allowing the company the time to choose another nautical symbol to place on the beer.

Accepting the apology on behalf of her client, attorney Constance Mac Donald, said at the company had done everything that Bishop Kemp had  requested and she was satisfied with the changes being made.  In closing the press conference, Sands noted when asked, that he seemed disappointed to change the label. “I face more challenges daily than to apologise to someone. Anybody can get into a scrap but I talks a good person to get out of one.”