Nassau, Bahamas – Senior citizens in the Kemp Road community were treated to a

post-Valentine’s Day luncheon last week at St. James Road Native Baptist Church.


The seniors were also entertained with songs, dances, skits and poetry by children residing in the neighborhood. The event was organized by the Kemp Road Urban Renewal Centre.


Kenyatto Johnson, assistant manager of the Centre said the organization aims to

make a positive change in the community.


He said, “We have been busy cleaning the neighborhood; clearing overgrown properties and moving derelict vehicles in. Kemp Road is on the move and we’re really trying to brighten the area.


“We’ve also been catering to the seniors and they have been assisting us with the young people. They teach them crafts and help with the afternoon classes we offer to the children. One particular lady is also teaching the children to plait straw,” he added.


Johnson said since the Centre opened some six years ago there have been some changes. “This is the largest amount of seniors I’ve seen today since we have been hosting them to various activities including outings, functions. We’ve also seen the young children interacting with the elderly more. They have formed relationships since we’ve started this program,” he pointed.


Paulamae Miller, president of the Kemp Road Senior’s Association, has been active in the community visiting the seniors who reside in the neighborhood on a daily basis. “I go to their homes to see what their needs or wants are and then I report my findings to the Urban Renewal Centre.


“Instead of them sitting at home after they retire we try to keep them busy. We’re presently planning arts and crafts and other activities for them. We realize that when they get a certain age they don’t like to come out of their homes. It’s important to keep them moving and they live a lot longer. They are inspired to do things when someone shows interest in them,” said Miller.





123824 – Clarabell Major shares a testimony with fellow senior citizens in attendance at the Kemp Road Urban Renewal Centre’s post Valentine’s Day luncheon given in their honor Friday, February 20 at St. James Native Baptist Church. (BIS PHOTO/Letisha Henderson)


124947 – The Kemp Road Urban Renewal Centre hosted senior citizens to a post Valentine’s Day luncheon Friday, February 20 at St. James Native Baptist Church. Pictured are some of the guests in attendance including Gladys Smith, Sylvia Mackey and Dorothea Farrington. (BIS PHOTO/Letisha Henderson)


125828 – Kendra Duncombe entertains the guests in attendance at the Kemp Road Urban Renewal Centre’s Post Valentine’s Day luncheon for senior citizens in the community on Friday, February 20 at St. James Native Baptist Church, St. James Road. (BIS PHOTO/Letisha Henderson)