Dear Editor,

Journalists from the three largest Bahamian newspapers committed sacrilege by publishing the story of Dame Marguerite Pindling owing more than $300,000 in real property taxes for her palatial $10 million mansion in the upscale Skyline Heights community.

Dame Marguerite is the widow of the first prime minister of The Bahamas and the father of the nation, the late Sir Lynden Oscar Pindling, blessed be his name.

Sir Lynden led The Bahamas to majority rule and independence. He established the defense force, ZNS TV13, The College of The Bahamas and National Insurance. He also created the black Bahamian middle class and made high school education available for thousands of Bahamians.

Sir Lynden is the god of PLPs and The Bahamas, and as such is to be worshiped and venerated by all Bahamians, according to the Pindling doctrine.

His was an impeccable character. The 1982 ”A Nation for Sale” investigative report by NBC’s Brian Ross, which subsequently led to the 1984 Commission of Inquiry, was nothing more than a witch-hunt to besmirch the good name of the god of PLPs, Pindling.

All of those hundreds of stories of victimization between 1967 and 1992 were outright lies. The stories of Sir Henry Taylor, Carlton Francis, FNMs and rouge PLPs being ruthlessly punished and persecuted by Pindling and those who engaged in Pindlingolatry are blatant lies from the pits of Hades.

The story of Colombian drug smuggler Carlos Lehder and members of his ruthless Medellin Cartel operating their nefarious trade on Norman’s Cay in Exuma with the alleged blessing of the PLP government in the 1980s is simply not true, for the god of the PLP was an infinite, infallible being who could do no wrong.

The media should repent for fabricating these vicious untruths. The media should hang its head in shame for perpetuating the myth that the FNM met the treasury and the nation’s infrastructure in tatters upon coming to office in August 1992.

The Bahamas was experiencing an economic boom due to the wise fiscal policies of the Lord Pindling. The unemployment rate was virtually nonexistent, crime was nonexistent and hundreds of foreign investors were banging on our doors to come into our country to invest.

Even Andros, where the Pindling cult has a very strong presence, had a robust, thriving economy when Hubert Ingraham came to office. Ask any South Androsian Pingdomite and they would confirm this.

The stories of South Andros not having any modern infrastructure during the time Lord Pindling was its MP is the figment of his detractors’ imagination. The phenomenal economic growth on Andros was stymied by the petty-minded FNM. All that has gone wrong with Andros and The Bahamas should be laid squarely at the doorstep of the FNM.

The media’s attacks on Dame Marguerite aren’t a coincidence. They amount to a concerted effort to derail plans to install her as the next governor general – a post that rightly belongs to her and to her alone.

Former female parliamentarians Janet Bostwick, Cynthia ”Mother” Pratt and Lynn Holowesko should not be mentioned in the same breath as Dame Marguerite. As the widow of the god of PLPs, she should be exempted from paying taxes, utilities and licensing fees.

PLP MP Leslie Miller, who chairs BEC told the nosy media that he believes Dame Marguerite is not required to pay taxes. Miller was rightly upset that these young, johnny-come-lately journalists who are badgering for transparency and a Freedom of Information Act for the sake of all Bahamians would dare to reveal Dame Marguerite’s real property tax bill.

The fourth estate is a pagan institution, because it has failed to bow its knee to Pindling, blessed be his name. The journalist fraternity should seriously consider going down to LPIA in order to worship the bronze statue of Pindling by singing “All Hail the Power of Pindling’s Name”, once it has been erected.

And while at the Pindling shrine, these young journalists should ask forgiveness for also revealing to the Bahamian public that Leslie Miller, Jones Communications and Ishmael Lightbourne owed the government substantial amounts of money.

That is none of the Bahamian people’s darn business. As PLPs, they are entitled to leniency from the government. In fact, all high ranking PLPs who have outstanding debts owed to the state should be pardoned.

We seem to have forgotten two crucial articles in the Pindling Doctrine, which are: “All For Me Baby” and “We only checking for PLPs”.

The disbursement of $86,000 that Dame Marguerite receives annually should be tripled. Her governor general salary should be at least $250,000 per annum.

Her Skyline Heights mansion should also be maintained by the state while she occupies Government House.

Her receiving two incomes from the Public Treasury should not be an issue with anyone. After all, with the coming of valued-added tax next year, we would be more than able to afford it. Poor Bahamians will just have to dig deeper into their pockets.

Those who do have a problem with a new tax really have no choice in the matter. They can either like it or lump it.

There are other PLPs who are receiving hefty pensions but have been reengaged by this government since May 2012. They are now collecting two incomes from the Public Treasury. If they are allowed to do it, why can’t Dame Marguerite?

The media needs to stop being so unfair and biased against the PLP.

The salary Dame Marguerite will receive is a small price to pay, when you take into consideration that she is the wife of the PLP god, Sir Lynden Oscar Pindling, blessed be his name.

– The Whistleblower