Bimini Bay Resort has joined forces with the Bimini Ministry of Tourism spearheading an island clean-up campaign to “Make Bimini Beautiful” and attract attention as the possible host for the 2009 Weather Conference.

On November 3 & 4, Island officials, residents of Bimini and staff of Bimini Bay Resort spent the entire day cleaning the streets of the island, removing old boats and discarded vehicles from the shorelines and other debris with heavy duty equipment donated by Bimini Bay Resort.

“Bringing the Weather Conference to Bimini is a vital contribution to the success of our economy,” said Island Administrator Sherrick Ellis. We are ready to introduce Bimini to the entire world and want the process to run smoothly throughout.”

The Weather Conference is a vital crisis communications program created by the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism in an effort to create awareness of particular concerns and geographical features of the Islands of the Bahamas . The signature event has earned many awards and is an important Pre-Hurricane forum for Bahamian and U.S. meteorologists to attend annually.

The most recent effort was nothing new for the resort. Previous cleanup efforts in Bimini have helped to eliminate a variety of discarded waste along the shoreline including an abandoned barge and more than 50 junked cars. Keeping the island clean is an important factor that helps to sustain the environment of Bimini. With the help of tourism and island residents, Bimini will continue to stay beautiful and attract visitors worldwide.