Commander Stephen Russell, Director of the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) said he was pleased with the relief efforts following the passage of the category four Hurricane Ike through the southeast Bahamas.

On Wednesday, September 10, 2008 a C-130 aircraft, courtesy for the United States Coast Guard, flew six pallets of water, an industrialized-size generator for the Water and Sewerage Corporation’s reverse osmosis plant and other essentials into Matthew Town, Inagua.

Commander Russell said NEMA was “truly delighted and pleased” by the level of response to the residents impacted by the hurricane, which struck the Southeast Bahamas on Sunday and Monday.

He made the statement as he accepted donations from the Bahamas Conference of Seventh Day Adventists on Wednesday, September 10, 2008 at the church office on Tonique Williams Darling Highway. The church donated 620 gallons of water, 10 portable generators, roofing felt and blankets.

“I am more delighted and pleased that you are stepping forward in a timely manner to help us in our efforts of restoring some sort of normalcy to those in Inagua,” Commander Russell said. “Definitely the water, the generator for power, the felt and blankets would help us in a tremendous way to speed up the process in assisting those living in abnormal conditions at this time.”

Pastor Leonard Johnson, president of the SDA said he was delighted to make the donation because “we consider ourselves a community organisation and we should care for the needs and concerns of our brothers and sisters.”

He explained that the donations were based on what he saw during a visit to Inagua to assess the damages there, following the hurricane. He also pledged to make other donations during the relief and reconstruction efforts.

Commander Russell said he intends to keep his target of 10-day relief, which started Monday; after which the restoration and reconstruction phases will begin.

Essential supplies were also flown into Mayaguana, Acklins and Crooked Island and San Salvador on Tuesday