Government Ministries – July 2008

The new list of Ministers and Ministries is as follows:

Minister Ministry

1. Hubert A. Ingraham Prime Minister & Minister of Finance

2. Brent Symonette DPM & Foreign Affairs

3. Tommy Turnquest National Security

4. Michael Barnett Attorney General & Minister of Legal Affairs

5. Carl Bethel Education

6. Kenneth Russell Housing

7. Earl Deveaux Environment

8. Neko Grant Public Works & Transport

9. Larry Cartwright Agriculture & Marine Resources

10. Hubert Minnis Health

12. Dion Foulkes Labour & Social Development

13. Desmond Bannister Youth Sports & Culture

14. Vincent Vanderpool-Wallace Tourism and Aviation

Ministers of State

1. Zhivargo Laing Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance and Minister of State for the Public Service

2. Byron Woodside Minister of State for Lands & Local Government in the Office of the Prime Minister

3. Branville McCartney Minister of State for Immigration in the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister

4. Loretta Butler-Turner Minister of State in the Ministry of Labour and Social Development

5. Charles Maynard Minister of State for Culture in the Ministry of Youth Sports and Culture

6. Phenton Neymour Minister of State in the Ministry of Environment