By Rick Lowe

Last week, in the wake of what could be the biggest governmental scandal to ever reach the press in this country, MICAL MP (PLP) V. Alfred Gray countered by suggesting some MPs are collecting $2,500 a month from the public purse to maintain a headquarters and Constituency offices and might not be using it for the purpose intended. Or “stealing” as he put it.

The sad reality is Parliamentarians now receive $30,000 each year, called a Constituency Office Allowance, without reporting how it was used to their constituents or the general public who are taxed for it.

However, by accusing some MPs of stealing Mr. Gray exposes the soft underbelly of Parliament. Their unwillingness to hold themselves accountable unless they are accused of transgressions.

Had these allegations against Mr. Gray’s political party never surfaced would his “concerns” ever have come to light?

Has the Auditor General been alerted to this so his office can review the matter?

History tells us this is nothing more than an attempt to silence their critics, it is not a sincere effort at accountability.

Is there an unwritten code among the political class, don’t expose me and I won’t expose you?

Unless citizens of all political persuasions unite with demands for accountability, even if the party one supports is the one found wanting, not much will change.

A sad commentary indeed.