The Permanent Secretary in The Ministry of Public Works and Transport Anita Bernard has called for a close examination of the Bahamas Postal Service that would result in a more modern, efficient and ‘accountable’ Post Office Department.

Mrs. Bernard addressed employees of the Post Office Department including the sub Post Office branches at a World Post Day Luncheon, Thursday, at Superclubs Breezes, Cable Beach.

She spoke on behalf of Public Works and Transport Minister the Hon. Neko Grant, and Environment Minister and acting Minister of Public Works and Transport the Hon. Earl Deveaux.

Employees of the Post Office Department were told that during the past century there have been many significant changes to the Post Office Department. Included among them are: accelerated development of information technology, increased demands for services, increased expectations of the public and increased competition.

Despite these changes, Mrs. Bernard said the work of the Post Office Department continues to be relevant to the further social and economic development of The Bahamas.

“As we seek to improve the Post Office Department, I cannot overemphasise the need for commitment at all levels of the postal service. I can assure you that your support will be as vital in the future as it has been up to the present time,” Mrs. Bernard said.

The post offices and sub-stations scattered throughout the archipelago, have provided and continue to provide a very valuable link among the islands of The Bahamas and between The Bahamas and other countries of the world, the Permanent Secretary explained.

“It really serves your banking and communication needs, in addition to many other areas. Today, on many islands we still have to depend on the Post Office for banking services.

“So, you know very well the vital role that you play in seeing to it that the communication link remains strong not just in New Providence, but throughout the archipelago,” she said. We know that requires mail delivery by both air and sea. So the mailboat serves quite a vital link in that.”

The Permanent Secretary recognised the contributions of the Post Office staff and thanked the long serving employees, the 2008/2009 Employee of the Year and the nominees who were recognised at the luncheon.

“On this occasion, therefore, it gives me great pleasure to thank these honourees for the work that they perform on a daily basis, sometimes in adverse situations and not always in ideal physical comfort at the Post Office Department,” Mrs. Bernard said.

In brief remarks Postmaster General Godfrey Clarke acknowledged the staff of the Post Office Department, particularly those who work in the Mail Processing area.

Mr. Clarke said, “You are a group of people who are often sometimes maligned. You can sort the mail 99.9 per cent on time, but the .01 per cent you do not sort on time you will hear about it on the radio, or on the talk shows. I appreciate your hard work over the years.”

Special awards were presented to long serving employees of 10 to 45 years and to Virginia Hart-Stubbs, selected as 2008-2009 Employee of the Year.