Hon. Phenton Neymour, Minister of State for Public Utilities in the Ministry of Works and Transport, is leading a delegation of Parliamentarians to the 33rd Conference of the Caribbean, The Americas and The Atlantic Region of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association. The conference is being held in Anguilla and starts on the 28th June, 2008 and ends on 3rd July, 2008. Other Members of the delegation include: Mr. Brensil Rolle, Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Housing and National Insurance, Senator C.V. Hope Strachan and Mr. Leon D. Rahming, Assistant Clerk of Parliament will accompany the delegation as Secretary.

At the Conference the Bahamian delegation will participate in agenda subject matters such as: True independence of the Legislature is more urgent now because of the current state of Development in our territories; How do we tell the difference between growing

pains of Development and the existence of over Development; A
real look at effects of over Development and practical safeguards to address same; Development has led to such a modification of our culture that we can no longer identify our culture; The impact of climate change on Development”.

The Caribbean, the Americas and Atlantic Region is one of the regional bodies within the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (C.P.A.). It provides a forum for regular consultation among regional members of Commonwealth Parliaments and seeks to foster dialogue and cooperation among regional Commonwealth Parliamentarians.

The Bahamas has been an active member of the C.P.A. and has hosted a number of C.P.A. Plenary and Regional Conferences and Seminars.