The Ministry of the Environment hereby notifies the general public that motor vehicles are not to be parked on public parks, verges and median strips. Vehicles found parked in the mentioned areas will be removed at the owner’s expense. The co-operation of the general public is appreciated.

The public is also hereby notified that effective immediately, the Department of Environmental Health Services will continue the removal of abandoned and derelict vehicles from all roadsides, verges, parks and other public open spaces within New Providence. Owners are therefore advised to urgently remove and properly secure any such vehicle(s).

The Ministry of the Environment requests the full cooperation of the public in this exercise as together it seeks to improve the environs of New Providence.

Focus on the Bahamian Environment
and pertinent facts that you should know to assist in making wise decisions

What is litter?

Any material that is disposed of in any place other than an authorized disposal or treatment facility, in other words, litter is waste in the wrong place.

Main types of litter in The Bahamas

*Beverage containers (bottles and cans)
*Fast food wrappers and containers
*Loose material from blowing or spilling from vehicles
*Abandoned or derelict vehicles
*Building material – waste from construction sites
*Household and commercial waste

Why do we litter?

*Lack of knowledge about litter and its effects
*Lack of pressure to do the right thing
*Lack of penalties or consistent enforcement
*Lack of pride
*Lack of sense of responsibility
*Lack of awareness

Effects of litter

*Increase rats and stray domestic animal populations
*Poisons, traps and suffocates wildlife
*Negatively impacts tourism and local economy

Dollars and sense

Throwing waste in parks and on roads and other public places is dumb, dumb, dumb! This practice amounts to throwing money away. In 2007 it is estimated that in excess of two million dollars was spent on litter removal in New Providence. This includes equipment and staff time. The more you litter the more money it costs you to keep The Bahamas clean.

Let us do our part as responsible citizens and make The Bahamas a clean, green, and pristine environment again.