Minister of Public Works and Transport the Hon. Neko Grant signed two contracts with Morgan Saunders of Island Pavers Wednesday for road improvements to the East Street and Collins Avenue thoroughfares.

The contracts totaling $197,610 were signed during a press conference in the boardroom of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport.

The contract for 1.1 miles of road along East Street between Wulff Road and Shirley Street is expected to be completed in two months after mobilization at a cost of $141,210.00, and the $56,400.00 contract for 0.8 miles of road along Collins Avenue between Seventh Terrace to Shirley Street is expected to be completed one month after mobilization.

Minister Grant said the condition of the thoroughfares of East Street and Collins Avenue has, for sometime been unacceptable and the Ministry looks forward to continuing the improvement of the roads in New Providence.

He added, “They are not conducive of roads in New Providence and we seek to improve the quality of life for our citizens. Infrastructure is one of the ways of doing that.”

The Minister thanked Mr. Saunders for accepting the challenge and informed him that the Ministry looks forward to quality work and on-time completion.

Mr. Saunders said once the Government’s road paving unit has milled the existing surface, Island Pavers will be required to clean up, prime and repave the roads.

Road disruption is one of the challenges that the Ministry faces, particularly with the September re-opening of schools.

Gordon Major, Acting Director at the Ministry of Public Works and Transport said, “What we have tried to do is to engage the contractor so that much of the work is done at night after hours so that we limit the disruption that takes place during normal working hours. We think it is critical that we engage the contractor to work in that fashion.”

Mr. Major revealed that the Ministry will not meet the expected deadline of early September for the improvements to Sir Milo Butler Highway, a part of the New Providence Road Improvement Project.

“There needs to be some additional repair work along the existing Milo Butler Highway that we are also planning to address as a part of that completion. And again to limit the interference with traffic, with much of that work, we are trying to schedule it so much of it is done late in the afternoon,” he said.