Private Pilots

To Enter The Islands of The Bahamas, Private Pilots need:

Three (3) copies of the C7A Bahamas Customs form One (1) Bahamas Immigration Card per person Proof of Citizenship – one of the following: Passport Birth Certificate and Drivers License Pilots License and Picture I.D.

When visiting The Islands Of The Bahamas, Private Pilots should expect the following: No Landing fee – for single engine private planes under 6,000 lbs. on a non-commercial trip at any Government owned airport. Landing Fee may apply at private airports.

No Overtime Customs & Immigration Fee – for private aircraft visiting The Islands Of The Bahamas where the pilot declares that he/she does not receive any remuneration and the flight is for recreational purposes.

No Transire – (C38) is needed for private pilot, cruising through The Islands Of The Bahamas for pleasure (a copy of the C7A will suffice.)

No Tie Down Fee – at any Government owned airport. Tie Down Fee may apply at private airports.

A Flight Plan must be filed – activate prior to entering The Islands Of The Bahamas and close after landing. When leaving The Islands Of The Bahamas it is mandatory to file a new flight plan.

To Leave The Islands of The Bahamas, Private Pilots Need: One copy of The Bahamas Customs General Declaration Outward Form (C7) To turn in The Bahamas Immigration card copy To file a flight plan

All persons, six years and over leaving The Islands Of The Bahamas, pay a Government Departure Tax of $15.00.


1. Fuel is NOT available on every island, but you are never more than 20 minutes flying time away from fuel.

2. The closest Bahama islands to Florida airports are Bimini and Grand Bahama Island: From Palm Beach, Miami/Ft. Lauderdale to Grand Bahama — 60NM to Bimini — 46NM

3. Nassau and Freeport are the two lighted runways that allow flying at night. All other airports require you to arrive and depart between sunrise and sunset. A few runways on The Out Islands have lights that are for special use only.

4. The price of fuel in The Bahamas averages $3.00 a gallon.

5. When your flight will transit an ADIZ/DEWIZ area. As a private pilot, there is an ADIZ between The Bahamas and Florida. For DVFR flights, the estimated time of ADIZ penetration must be filed at least 15 minutes prior to penetration. While flying, contact flight service before penetration for a customs squawk.

6. “Flight following” is not required, but would be nice to have.

7. At least one life jacket per person is required.

8. A life raft is not required.

9. Current customs stickers should be displayed near the left door. (The sticker can be purchased upon arrival in the U.S.)

10. There is no extra charge if you return to the United States and clear customs after regular business hours.

11. For weather information in the U.S. and in The Bahamas, call 1-800-WX BRIEF, 242-377-7178, 242-377-7116.

12. You can bring pet(s) into the Bahamas. An Import Permit is required; call Agriculture 242-325-7502.

13. You must be an instrument rating pilot to fly to Nassau and Freeport after sunset.