Favorite Bahamian Recipes & Dishes of the Bahamas

Conch Chowder

Ingredients: 3-oz. onion, 3-oz. celery, and 3oz. carrots, 3oz. green pepper, 6 oz. potatoes, 8oz. Conch, 2 oz. oil, 2 oz. tomato paste, 1 qt. water. Add salt to taste.

Method: Cut vegetables and conch into ¼ inch dice. Cook the vegetables, herbs for 3 minutes. Add the conch, tomato paste and chopped tomatoes and cook For 10 minutes. Add the water and simmer for 1-½ hours. Skim occasionally and season to taste. Note: clams, scallops or shrimp may be used in place of conch. Serves 6.

Pea soup and dough

Ingredients: 2 oz. pork fat, 2 oz. onion, 3 oz. flour, 4 oz. tomato paste, thyme, bay leaf, 10oz. pigeon peas, 8 oz. salt beef, 1 qt. water, salt, Tabasco sauce
For Dough (6oz. flour, water, ½ oz baking powder)

Method : Cut the pork into ½ inch dice and fry in the oil until brown. Add the herbs and flour and cook for 2 minutes. Allow to cool slightly, add the paste, peas, salt beef and water. Stir, bring to the boil and skim. Simmer for ½ hour, add the dough and continue cooking for 1 hour. Season to taste. Note: Canned kidney beans may be used instead of pigeon peas. Dough (Combine the flour, baking powder and sufficient water to make a firm dough. Knead well. Allow to rest for 15 minutes, then pin out and cut into one inch squares). Serves 6.

Crab and Rice

Ingredients : 3 land crabs, 1 oz. pork fat, 1 oz. oil, 2 oz. onion, 2 oz. celery, 2 oz. green pepper, 2 oz. tomato paste, 12 oz. pigeon peas, 1 qt. water, 1 lb. rice, salt, pepper to taste.

Method : Separate the body of the crab from the back, spoon out the fat and keep to one side. Cut the pork and vegetables into ¼ inch dice and fry in the oil. Add the crab fat, thyme, tomato paste and cook for 5 minutes. Add the water, bring to the boil. Add the rice and seasonings and cook under cover for approximately 20 minutes. Note: Lobster may be substituted for the crab. Serves 6.

Conch Fritters

Ingredients: 1 lb. conch, 2 oz. onion, 2 oz. celery, 2 oz. green pepper, 1 egg (beaten), ½ oz. baking powder, 12oz. flour, salt, Tabasco Sauce, water.

Method : Cut the conch, and vegetables into ¼ inch dice. Mix the eggs, flour and baking powder and seasonings with sufficient water to form a fairly firm batter. Combine all ingredients and allow to rest for 15 min. prior to deep frying. Note: Clams may be used instead of conch. Serves 8.

Cracked Conch

Ingredients: 1 ½ lb. conch, 1 oz. lemon juice, 2oz. flour, 3 eggs

Method : Cut the conch in half horizontally and tenderize. Marinate the conch in the lemon juice for ½ hour. Beat the eggs and dip the conch in the flour, egg wash and finally dip again into the flour. Deep fry. Serves 4.

Johnny Cake

Ingredients: 2lb. flour, 2 tablespoons baking powder, 4oz. sugar, ¼ oz. salt, milk, water, 4oz butter, nutmeg

Method : Sift the dry ingredients and form a well. Rub the butter into the flour, add sufficient milk and water to make a firm dough. Knead well then allow to rest for 30 minutes. Gently flatten to a height of 2 inches and bake in a moderate oven for approximately 35 minutes. Serves 6.

Guava Duff

Ingredients: (Dough) 4 cups flour, 1 cup sugar, 1 ½ tsp baking powder, 1 tsp salt, ½ cup vegetable oil, 2 cups finely sliced guava

Methods : Combine all dry ingredients and mix together. Add oil. Knead approximately 10 minutes until smooth and pliable. Place on a flat surface and roll out to ¼ in. thick. Spread sliced guava over dough. Roll up into a long round loaf. Wrap in foil. Cook in a double boiler for 1 hr.

Sauce Ingredients: 1 lb. butter, ½ cup sugar, 2 8oz. tins sweetened condensed milk, 1 cup finely sliced guava, ¼ cup brandy (substitute vanilla extract for brandy)

Method : Blend butter and sugar together approximately 15 minutes. Add condensed milk and guava and blend 2 minutes. Add brandy (or vanilla) and blend 1 minute.

Cut dough into slices. Pour sauce over dough. Serves 8 – 10.