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Sailing to the Bahamas By Boat | Entry Fees For Boats

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Bahamas Air Sea Rescue Association
Since 1960 the Bahamas Air Sea Rescue Association of Grand Bahama made its mandate to save persons in distress on the sea. Solely manned and operated by volunteers, BASRA has saved many lives and been involved in thousands of rescues. With the assistance of both the Bahamas Defense Force and the U.S. Coast Guard, BASRA Grand Bahama maintains a watchful eye on the Northern Bahamas seas.

Entering the Bahamas By Boat

Visiting boaters must clear Customs and Immigration at the nearest designated Port of Entry. As you enter port, fly the yellow quarantine flag and notify Customs of your arrival. No one other than the captain is permitted to leave the boat until your vessel has been cleared. Customs and Immigration will come to your vessel. Everyone on board must have proof of citizenship and fill out an immigration card. U.S. citizens can present a passport or birth certificate (original or certified copy) and an official photo I.D., such as a driver’s license or voter’s card. Before leaving The Bahamas, be sure to surrender your copy of the immigration card at the last Bahamian port you visit. If you have a firearm on board, you must declare it with Customs. You must provide the serial number and manufacturer, plus an exact count of ammunition. Though you are allowed to have a firearm on your boat, you cannot take it off the boat unless you obtain a permit from the Bahamian police ahead of time. Weapons must be under lock and key at all times. Regular hours for Bahamas Customs and Immigration Officers are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays. Officers are on call during holidays and weekends. There is no overtime charge.

Entry Fees For Boats Have Increased to $150 and Up!
The fee for boaters for boats up to 35 feet is $150.00 and the fee for boats over 35 feet is $300. These fees are inclusive of a cruising permit, fishing permit and departure tax for up to four persons with no overtime charges for Customs or Immigration. Each additional person above four will be charged additional departure tax.