Nassau, Bahamas – Bahamians Raynard Salesman and Latonia Seymour were awarded two-year full scholarships to Keiser University, Florida to train as laboratory technicians.

“The lab is a vital link in the diagnostic process,” said Health Minister Hubert Minnis, “and many Bahamians owe a debt of gratitude to the professionals who work there.”

Three years ago Keiser University made available two full tuition scholarships to Bahamians interested in pursuing higher education in any of many allied health fields.

This offer followed completion of an informal review of allied health professionals throughout the pubic health system by the Public Hospitals Authority.

It was realised that a significant number of them had received part of their training at one of Keiser’s campuses, Minister Minnis noted.

Building on that partnership, Keiser University last year again presented two full scholarships and a partial scholarship to three Bahamians.

At that time Keiser University also donated ten state-of-the-art computer systems to the National Allied Health Cadet Programme.

“A modern and efficient medical laboratory system is vital to the health of Bahamians,” said Mr Minnis. “Every doctor and nurse depends upon the expertise and professionalism of medical technologists.”

Dr Minnis commended the Bahamas Association of Medical Technologists which recently celebrated National Medical Laboratory Week, and recognised the “vital contribution” of medical technologists.

Medical technology is one of several allied health professions the Ministry of Health and Public Hospital Authority have identified as priority areas, needing emphasis in attracting new persons, said Dr Minnis.

“The Government and the Ministry of Health continue to be committed to providing the best quality health care possible for Bahamians and the visitors who grace our shores,” said Dr Minnis.

“The ongoing partnership between the Public Hospitals Authority and Keiser University truly attests to the commitment to develop, maintain and retain competent and qualified allied health professionals.”



Full two-year scholarships to Keiser University, Florida were awarded to Raynard Salesman and Latonia Seymour on Friday. Pictured from left are Ben Shank, Keiser University representative; Herbert Brown Managing Director, PHA; Dr Hubert Minnis, Minister of Health, and Philabertha Carter, Director of Projects, PHA. (BIS photo/Patrick Hanna)