On April 11, 2007, with a dive time of 3’09” and without the assistance of fins, ropes or weight belts, Trubridge reached an unassisted free dive depth of 82 meters at Dean’s Blue. Two days prior, Trubridge made free diving history by reaching 81 meters, shaving a meter off the previous record set by Czech diver Martin Stepanek in 2005. The 27 year-old from New Zealand is now known as the man that holds the new world record for free diving.

Dean’s Blue Hole, plunging 663 feet into the ocean floor, is the world’s deepest blue hole and the second largest underwater chamber. Lying on the east coast of Long Island, Bahamas, Dean’s attracts Bahamas diving vacationers worldwide. Dean’s is enclosed on three sides by a natural rock amphitheatre, and on the other side by a turquoise lagoon and powder white beach. On a clear day, with the sun shining straight into the hole, it is like diving in an immense underwater cathedral.

Located just off the shore of Long Island, Bahamas, there is never any swell or waves inside the Hole, and visibility is usually between 15 – 30 meters (50 – 100 feet). At the surface the Blue Hole is 25 x 35m (80 x 120 feet), but opens out after 20m (60 feet) into a cavern with a diameter of at least 100m (330 feet). Dean’s, harboring all kinds of tropical reef fish, is a diver’s dream offering the most amazing diving experience to those seeking a Bahamas diving vacation.